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Latronics Inverters

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Latronics PV Edge-on grid inverters are designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions. Latronics has been based in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years and is the largest Australian manufacturer of inverters with over 20 years experience and stringent quality standards.

Latronics have supplied quality inverters for domestic, industrial and alternative energy markets to over 30 countries. Latronics source their supply and labour locally and are an environmentally responsible company, as almost every part of the Latronics inverter is recyclable and the manufacturing process for all their products generates very little waste.

The Latronics® PV Edge Series Inverter utilizes the most advanced microprocessor algorithms which guarantees your power conversion is pure and stable.


Digital kWh (kilowatt hour) meter which enables accurate display of total generated power.
The Solar array is held at the optimum voltage and continually monitored to achieve maximum power output under any condition.

Key Benefits:

Safety, with lower voltages
Improved energy yield
Flexible panel orientation
Maximum performance with shading

Models Available:

  • PVEdge 1200 (maximum solar input 1600W)
  • PVEdge 2500 (maximum solar input 3100W)
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